Message From The Chairman & Managing Director
Being the fundamental needs of human being “Housing Sector” demands attention at all spheres of government machineries. Today Bangladesh stands on the threshold of economic emancipation where Housing Sector contributes significantly in the national economy. Day by day, pressure on Real State Sector is increasing to meet the demands of people from all walks of life.

With a vision of growing a comfortable living hood, “Aftab Real Estate Limited” stepped into the challenging field of development just in time. Our approach to this sector is always sensible and honest. Our offerings are humble & unmatched to superiority. We always try to understand the clients need. So, we thrive for the prime locations and we build the premium residing & business complexes. Besides constructing apartments for the affluent group of the society, our company is pledge bonded to construct Low Cost quality apartments for all classes of people. Our intentions are transparent: simply to give you the best views on good living. Quality & Customer Satisfaction is our only target. With this view as our inspiration, we are proud to proceed with your sincere participation.
Now after all this years, we want to grow even more congenial apartments of happy living, throughout the primal urban sports and we always wish to expand our happy family ties with our ever-growing customers.

We are maintaining high standard of quality assurance with commitments for Foundation, Engineering and Construction and which carrying the fullest satisfaction of the projects owners. We just are providing instant and valued services to the clients, as we committed "No compromise with quality to meet world Standardization".

I wish to extend profuse thanks to all those who have contributed for being with me to accelerate the dynamic activities of Aftab Real Estate Limited.

Thank You

Iftekharul Islam
Chairman & Managing Director
Aftab Group